The Making of

UPDATE: Trackage Scheme has been selected to participate on the ALPHA startup track at the Web Summit and Springbox Media will be joining them on this adventure.  We wish the team the best of luck!! is the brainchild of 3 very special young visionaries, Ben Vincenti, Graziella Delceppo and Rachel Fenech who have big plans to unite the Maltese alternative music scene.


Trackage Scheme’s (TS) aim is to bring together the disparate strands of Malta’s eclectic scene under one roof. By facilitating access to information about artists, collaborating with individuals and institutions to promote Maltese music locally and abroad, coordinating marketing strategies and hosting events,  TS will increase the visibility of Maltese music in the international sphere, and provide an essential one-stop resource for all interested parties.

Springbox Media were approached along with Darren Grixti, a brilliant software engineer, to develop a cutting edge website designed by Trackage Scheme.

The website has a very clean design, sleek navigation and developed to be fully responsive for an optimal user experience on monitors, tables, tvs and mobile devices.  The website features local Maltese artists, music events (shared by the community through the website), a music school, a blog written by renowned Maltese writers and a very unique music player concept.

The music player – A software engineering challenge

Trackage Scheme started from a closed Facebook group where members can share and expose non-commercial music from services such as Youtube and Soundcloud to like minded individuals. With the way Facebook groups are built, it is difficult to see older posts and a lot of epic music shared in the past gets lost in the process.  Our mission was two-fold.

1. To create a Facebook App which goes through all posts since the inception of the group, process all posts and collect all music shared from the aforementioned services in a database for curation by the TS team.

2. To take all collected music, divide it in multiple playlists for easy access and enjoyment through a music player that plays even when a website visitor is going through other pages.

The result is an aggregated collection of epic music, shared by Maltese for Maltese, enjoyed through a superb online music experience.

Springbox Media wishes the TrackageScheme team all the success in the world, we thank you for entrusting us with this challenging project and for all that you are doing for local talent. We are honored to have worked on such a great contribution to the local music scene, with such an awesome team.

Some of our clients: Malta Advocates | Elbros Building Contractors Malta