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Search Engine Marketing – Pay Per Click Overview

How many visitors do you currently have coming to your website? What if you doubled that number? What if you tripled or quadrupled? How will that affect your bottom line?

Imagine the impact this sudden growth in website visitors can have on your business and the amount of customers you can increase.

And what if we told you that you can start increasing that number from TOMORROW? How you may ask? It’s really simple, you can start advertising your business on Google, the best and most used search engine in the world!


PPC or Pay Per Click is the name given to the online search marketing pricing structure, where advertiser pays the publishing site/engine each time a prospect clicks on his ad.

In other words, the cost of the campaign is based on the number of times a prospect clicked on your website. Such advertisements usually appear on the search results pages as Sponsored Links or Ads. Since the advertiser pays for each click that takes the visitor to his site, PPC is also called CPC or Cost per Click. The difference is, PPC basically refers to the method of calculating cost while CPC denotes the actual cost of each click.

Example of PPC Adverts


Benefits of PPC

  • Speed – you can achieve Instant Rankings and get instant traffic targeted traffic
  • Website launches & offers: new websites can be advertised instantly with PPC
  • Position Control: You can achieve whichever position you want.
  • Branding: you can have attractive descriptions in your ads
  • Instant Updates: Keywords can be deleted added or updated
  • Analytics: ROI, Cost per lead and acquisition can be calculated.
  • Planning: very useful in planning pre launch work volumes.
  • Ranking on Competitive terms can be achieved instantly without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Targeting: specific keywords, countries, languages etc

We will create the right strategy for your business to get targeted traffic to the right pages. We can target specific offers to specific demographics and even to specific countries.


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