Get Hitched – Malta’s best wedding service finder


Weddings should invoke feelings of pleasure and bliss – but anyone that has ever had to plan their own wedding will tell you, it’s not until it’s over that you start to settle down. Vendors don’t seem to respond in time or don’t even respond at all – what kind of message is that to send out to couples who are no doubt already stressing about every other minute detail for their big day. Getting married shouldn’t be the hassle that it has become in recent times, and no one thinks so more than the team at Get Hitched.

The stresses of anyone planning a wedding in Malta are always a hot topic of conversation – just take a scroll across any of the numerous Wedding Talk – Malta Facebook pages and you’ll see what we mean.

No one is exempt from being ignored by a business and sometimes the businesses aren’t at fault. In this day and age, we all know how easy it is to get swept off your feet by the feats of day to day life. But, what if there was an easy way to let vendors know what you’re looking for without having to send individual requests to countless vendors? All in the hopes of one responding. In three weeks.  

There is, now! Get Hitched is a personal virtual wedding planner that allows users to input their desired service and budget and have it sent to a number of vendors able to meet the requirements. What makes it so special? The system is set up in a way that encourages vendors to respond to any requests before it’s too late.

The site reads like fill-in-the-blank book, paving a unique path for the user to record their wedding wants and needs which then sends the credentials to a number of businesses. If the vendor accepts the initial request, the user is notified instantaneously and can then take the next appropriate step from there on out.

Get Hitched is a weddings service finder proudly built in Malta, a digital platform which puts the people first. All vendors are local businesses, but the site is open for use by both Maltese couples and those abroad who are looking to marry in Malta. It couldn’t get any better…

…except it could because it’s completely free to use!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get hitched without a hitch!

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