Why a Digital Marketing Agency doesn’t it have it’s social media pages?

People get amazed that a digital marketing agency that offers social media marketing services for Maltese businesses are not active on social networks (yet). Seriously, you are not active on Facebook? Don’t you “believe in it?” Doesn’t Facebook marketing work?

First of all my dear Maltese business owners, Facebook is not the only marketing channel in the digital space. Secondly, yes we do believe that social media marketing can be hugely beneficial to a business when done right. You can amass a huge audience, engage with potential customers and give personality to your brand among other benefits. We’ve done this many times with great success!

Social Media Marketing is only as good as the commitment you are willing to put into it. You need to commit to being frequent, to post interesting content, to stay engaged with your audience on a regular basis. Communication commitment and frequency is the basis of any relationship after all.

So why haven’t we kept our social channels updated? Quite frankly it wasn’t part of our strategy!¬†We’ll do it when we are ready to do it, not because our competitors are doing it or because it’s what others say we should do.

Trust us we know what we are doing, there’s a method to the madness.

While we believe in social media marketing & advertising we believe in Marketing Strategy even more. Be where you are best at and if there is a chance to be where your audience is and your competitors aren’t, you have a recipe for success.

Our strategy has worked out very well for us so far but strategies are subject to change. A marketing strategy should change until it’s broken and then and only then will you know that you maximised your marketing campaign to the best of your ability and move back to what was working and keep finding new ways to grow.

In business (and in life) if you’re note growing, you’re dying! And we’re growing in leaps and bounds!

Do you want to grow your business with a strategy that works for your business and not a copy and paste strategy? Of course, you do. Take action, click here


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